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Capacity for 5 people
Designed Range of 200km
Maximum Cruise Speed of 235km/h
Economic Cruise Speed of 200km/h
No More Than 65db During Takeoff and Landing
100% Electric, Zero Emissions
Applied for Passengers, Medivac and Cargo

Safety is Paramount

Reliable Configuration
With the improved Lift+Cruise Configuration design, catastrophic failure modes of the aircraft are greatly reduced. The aircraft is safe and controllable even in extreme weather and failure conditions such as stall, wind shear and rudder jam.
Airworthiness Plus
Optimized aircraft configuration: ensuring the safety of the fuselage and passengers even in the situation of rotor burst.
Safe Landing with No Fear of Accidents
Fully decoupled distributed power architecture (8 lift systems + 2 thrust systems). Our unique design allows for independent takeoff and landing of the stacked lift/thrust systems, providing superior emergency landing capability to civil aviation levels, handling extreme situations with ease.

Premium Flying Experience

At Your Own Pace
The spacious cabin is specially designed to accommodate 5 people (1 pilot + 4 passengers) to explore the sky with family and friends.
Quiet & Smooth Journey
Our advanced noise control allows a lower noise footprint to be community friendly, and offers a quiet and restful environment for passengers while cruising.
Enjoy your relaxing and luxurious flight with the extraordinary design of elegant interior and ergonomic cares.

Tech Behind VE25

Superior Flight Control System
  • Unify FBW integrated flight surface control and thrust/lift control.
  • Triple redundancy FCC with high integrity and high reliability for civil aviation, has independent command channel and monitor channel.
Advanced Integrated Avionics System
  • Advanced cockpit avionics system integrated flight instrument display, waring, navigation, surveillance, CPA, MCUD, etc.
  • System software can be hosted in IMA, such as FMS, TCAS, OMS, Power Management, etc.
Advanced Aerodynamic Design
  • Optimized configuration and aerodynamic characterristics, resulting a cruise efficiency, comparable to civil aviation aircraft.
  • Twin V tail design offers excellent stability, low trim drag and high maneuverability.
Excellent Reliability of Electrics
  • Fully match the high stardand of civil aircraft.
  • Provide the multi-redundant, high reliable electrics.
A senior aviation systems expert and eVTOL pioneer, dedicated in aviation for over 20 years. He has been deeply involved in developing ARJ21, C919 and CR929 aircraft for companies including GE, AVIC, Rockwell Collins. With his love for flying and vision of the future of mobility, he devoted himself to the eVTOL industry and founded VOLANT. His Motto: If you find something you really want to do, then do it, don’t wait till 93 years old.
An exprienced enterpreneur in regional jet and general aviation industry. He has successfully built up 4 startup companies on regional jet operation, general aviation industry operation and civil aircraft maintenance, all of which equipped him with rich experience on new business model creation and implementation, business growth and development.
More than 20 years of experience as a business management professional in Fortune 500. With over 15 years of experience in designing and managing accelerating talent development programs in aviation and transportation industry. Most of her career was with GE and made solid contribution to GE's growth in China in multiple businesses with focus on driving business results through strategy building, talent development and culture penetration.

Join Us to Expand New Horizons.

Come fly with Volant's extraordinary team! 90% of our professional team equips rich experience in civil aircraft development, playing critical roles in ARJ21, C919, Bombardier C Series etc. The team has full-stack engineering capabilities, in areas such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, airframe structure, electric powertrain propulsion, EWIS, flight control, avionics, aviation systems, flight test, airworthiness, safety, and reliability.


The Story Unveiled
In June 2021, a group of experienced aviation experts co-founded VOLANT in Shanghai, China, determined to develop a safe, green, passenger-class eVTOL for the world.
Prototype 'TINY' Made Its Maiden Flight
VOLANT completed the Proof of Concept by a 1:3 scale model, demonstrated strong capabilities of engineering and superiority in the industrial chain.
China‘s 1st eVTOL PSP Signed
China’s first eVTOL Partnership for Safety Plan with the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) Signed. Volant works closely with CAAC. Together, to build the future of air mobility.
Full-scale Demonstrator Assembly Initiated
Volant's first full-scale prototype is now in full swing for final assembly in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. We are shaping the future, right here, right now.
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